-60°C Satelite Distribution Room

                   SDR 2000  

The solution if you want to store large quantities. With the satellite distribution room for 2000 kgs you can expand the geographical coverage , buy larger quantity and avoid to invest in a stationary cold room. SDR 2000 comes with alarms and is placed on a freestanding frame for both inside and outside use. The modular design allows easy upgrade to multiples of 2 tons capacity.


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SDR 2000

Dim. exterior (mm)


Cold store load capacity (Kg)


Temperature range (°C)


Power Supply (V)

3 x 400

Frequency (Hz)




                     Semi mobile -60  

Among the satelite distribution room we also offers the Semi Mobile cold room -60. This is the solution if you need to store very large quanties.


We complete the cold chain -60 with following custom made solutions.

- Truck -60
- Distribution -60