by Arctiko
- new name but we are still the same

It is our pleasure to inform you that our company has changed ownership meaning Mr. Lars Ole Jensen is now the 100% owner of Dairei Europe. For the same reason we have changed our name to ARCTIKO A/S, effective from 1st April 2010.

Our VAT registration number is the still the same: DK-26286077. All our certificates are of course still valid. It is only a name change.

We will however in a period of approx. 6 months, use the branding ” ARCTIKO by Dairei ” in order to connect the two names in a transition period.

After the 6 months, we will for the future brand our products ” ARCTIKO ”. For us it is business as usual, same product portofolio, same patented technology etc, but there will also be plenty of new initiatives coming with new products, new catalogue and a new website in order for you as a customer to make it even more attractive to deal with us. Please make sure to get updated by clicking our webpage,


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your regular contact person in our team.

Best regards - The team

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