// We have an idea! Stay cool 
                    - freeze at -60°C 

Several years ago Arctiko saw the potential of cryogenic freezing technology for use with super frozen tuna and other food types. Our vision has lead to the development of low cost freezers. Freezing at -60°C prevents any loss of freshness in a wide variety of food products. This includes salmon, roe, crab, lobsters and seafood in general, as well as confectionary meat and processed food. In addition to the freshness, cryogenic freezing is also used to extend shelf life and reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in raw foods. But not only freshness and safe health are the advantages.
For restaurants, supermarkets and other retail outlet, Arctiko freezers will give you the advantage to buy large quantities and save money on transport and logistics. Moreover, the super frozen food will be available throughout the entire year and it will remain the prime quality. Arctiko has made extremely expensive technology at affordable prices for use in a wide range of places. With more than 30 years of experience we know our business and we will be happy to be your super freezer supplier.